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Montblanc Black Noblesse Oblige 585 14K Tip M Fountain Pen

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Noblesse Oblige translates literally to 'nobility obligates', the notion that privilege entails responsibility. No longer available from Montblanc and a favourite among collectors, the Oblige was the final iteration in the stunning Noblesse collection. Featuring a slender design, gloss black acrylic body, cap top that flays subtly outward, light capping, dome shaped top with renowned Montblanc logo, 'MONTBLANC NOBLESSE OBLIGE' engraved cap lip band, gold-plated trim, unique split clip and 14ct gold M sized tip with smooth writing, irrespective of ink (refill cartridges can be purchased from Montblanc, however a variety of other brands will also fit) and paper grade. It's a bit of a rarity to find one of these models in this condition - one that will be appreciated by fine writers.

Tip Size: M
Tip Material: 14K Gold
Collection: Noblesse Oblige
Material: Acrylic / Gold-Plate

Cap (mm): 55
Body (mm): 85
Total Length Capped (mm): 140
Total Length Uncapped (mm): 125

Rarely used, finest storage markings to body, gold-plate intact. Comes with My Haute Carte d'Authenticité and Montblanc box, Montblanc guide and 1x Montblanc blue-black ink cartridge.

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