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Louis Vuitton Vachetta Luggage Tag

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Classic Louis Vuitton Luggage Tag, this is the Vachetta leather edition with golden hardware that comes with many of Vuitton’s Monogram models. This is the largest edition of the luggage tag range and ideal as either a luggage accessory or attached to everyday carry models. Louis Vuitton do not have their luggage tags available for general retail, they can only be purchased by taking a matching Louis Vuitton model in and having the luggage tag ordered as a spare part.

Stamped Heat stamped: '(R)' ‘LOUIS VUITTON' ‘PARIS’ and ‘made in France’

Luggage Tag (cm): 8.7H x 4.0W

Vachetta leather has honeyed lightly with darker accents and lightest markings throughout, golden hardware glowing. Comes with My Haute Carte d’Authenticité and original Louis Vuitton address card as pictured.

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