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Louis Vuitton Keepall Storage Box

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The goliath of the Louis Vuitton storage box line-up, this is designed to fit LV’s famed Keepall when stored in Louis Vuitton’s renowned flat pack style, from the smallest size 45 right up to the largest size 60, where the Keepall is flattened and the sides are then curved under. Keepalls that allow themselves to be folded in Louis Vuitton’s flat style, such as the Monogram and Damier styles, were released with a box like this. This large beauty only very rarely becomes available, a lovely opportunity to complete a Keepall set.

Size: 57.5cm x 42cm x 13cm

Good condition with some signs of wear, light markings throughout, two corners with wear as pictured in photo 06 & 08. Comes with My Haute Carte d’Authenticité.

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